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Cy Libby is one of the pioneer hearing dispensers in the United States.  Always willing to share his knowledge with others, he has written and lectured throughout the world. A friend to all, he has spent thousands of hours breaching the gap between the hearing health care disciplines. This hearing instrument specialist has gained the respect of audiologists, otologists, and hearing specialists alike. In his role over many years, as Associate Editor of “Hearing Instruments”, he interpreted many difficult new concepts for all the disciplines to understand.

Libby graduated from The Pennsylvania State College of Optometry with a O.D. Degree. In 1943, he started to dispense hearing aids together with his optometry practice. Libby developed the world’s first miniaturized behind the ear electronic metronome, specifically designed for speech therapy. Libby also developed programs for Tinnitus relief.Cy&Danny

He was on the vanguard of many hearing aid  advances. Cy developed and patented The Libby Horn in 1982, which maximizes high frequencies according Mead Killion’s principles. Cy was one of the first distributors of equipment for conducting impedance measurements, auditory  brain stem response (ABR), and probe microphone measurements in the United States.

He focused on the importance of binaural hearing aid fitting with his two volume, ‘Binaural Hearing and Amplification.” published in 1980, which was a major step in accepting binaural hearing in the United States.

Cy was instrumental in publishing the first “Vanderbilt Report” in 1982. Among the awards he has received is The New York League, “Fletcher Award” (1982), and the Hearing Instrument’s “Distinguished Service Award. “ (1989). Cy was appointed Assistant Professor in the Speech and Hearing Department of Hahnemann Medical School.

He served as President of Associated Hearing Instruments in Upper Darby, PA for 62 years. He also served as Director of the Board of Directors of Etymotic Research, The Better Hearing Institute, and The Board of Advisors to Zenith
Hearing Aid Corporation.

He started a new career recently by teaching  Longevity and Wellness at Temple University Assocation of Retired Professsionals.

Cy has been married to Mira Libby for 51 years and has two children, Claire and Daniel. He advises that the key to a happy long life is choosing your parents wisely.